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Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines Happiness as a pleasing Moment, But if everything that pleases us give us Happiness..?? Happiness is not merely a word, but a feeling that for some time keep us above this materialistic world.. Its a world in itself, Being happy is the most beautiful thing in the world and giving happiness to others is another beautiful thing..The best thing about Happiness is it can’t be purchased but can be given.. Its been rightly said that the days of bleeding knees are the best days of our lives.. Why..?? Because those were the days which reallyPankaj's Blog signifies happiness, If Someone ask me about my Happiest moment yet.. then I don’t say it the one when I cleared my certification exam of Linux nor i say it when I got selected in top 50 participants in a National Level contest by HP, but I’ll say it the one when I was in class 6th and playing cricket in the gali of my colony, My team was losing the match and then it was me who hitted the six I can’t believe that my team won, because of me. I was happy and was more happy because it was me who was the reason of so many smiles of my team , that was the moment I can’t define myself.. that’s the moment which the chasm of my eyes still keep in itself.. that was really a wonderful moment..

Happiness is a thing to be remembered and praised.. Its a thing to respect and love.. I remember another moment, the moment, when I was in class 3rd.. at that time all my friends had learnt how to ride cycle and i was as usual the dufferest of all was unable to learn that.. I was afraid of being fallen while riding.. I asked many times my brother, but everytime he said that that was a very complex thing and beyond me reach.. It hurted me.. and I know the day when someone teased me in my school and after returning from school I weeped for an hour, then It was my father who went with me in a ground nearby, he asked me not see in back while riding he asked me too paddle the cycle it was he who was holding me by carrier, i start paddling and after sometime I saw my father moving his hand standing far away.. I was driving by myself and alas I can do it.. I was so so so much happy that i can’t describe.. I drive it for the whole day and even in the night at the floor of my home.. that were really happiness.. The happiness that I got after finding a pencil on Road was more than that I got today after find many thousand rupees.. The reason being as we grow up the emotions in us start detriorating.. Happiness that is without any reason and that is unselfish is more pleasing then that with reason and for a reason.. Everything that we are doing today is because we want our tomorrow to be happy.. Being happy is gift that everyone doesn’t get, If you are happy then It means you have done very good job and it also implies to let them continue.. Happiness seems to be more flavoured when it is being shared.. It gives happiness to get answers of prayers, but its give more happiness to be answer of somebody’s prayers.. Quite ironical but true.. Lets together make an attempt to make this world more happier.. 🙂

  • Rajat
    June 9, 2009

    Its nicely Written 🙂

  • himanshu
    July 1, 2009

    quite impressive sirji ….u written down a nice extract ..ive not read the entire thing but watever i did sounded great !!

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