We and our Excuses..!

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Now a days, The most common thing that we human beings come across is EXCUSES. Excuses for flunking a class, Excuses for failing in exam and excuses for missing deadline in office. The facet becomes worst when we start giving excuses to ourselves. Excuses for taking drugs, Excuses for breaking a relationship and an excuse for every nefarious act. The very fact is the day we start giving excuses to ourselves we are not in our mere control. A strong desire and indepth commitment never needs an excuse and every immoral act in this world starts with an excuse.

Lets take an example of Drinking When someone starts Drinking the First excuse he gives is “Do try everything in Life” and when this Trying becomes repeatable the excuse comes is “Drinking is bad only, if you are addicted to it, occasional drinking is never bad”. Later on when the frequency of these occasions increases and their time period decreases and one finds himself addicted to it, the next excuse is “Drinking is never bad until and unless after drinking you do something that is REALLY BAD” and when he starts doing something REALLY BAD the excuse is he can’t do anything because the things are now, not in his hand. So we found that how a simple excuse can change the things.

Giving excuse is never difficult. We can completely conclude a scenario or situation in simply few sentences or words. But at the same time, a voice from our inner soul, must question ourselves, our ability but later on when the frequency of these excuses increases we start overhearing that feeble voice.

When we failed in an exam, we have a wonderful universal excuse that Question Paper was tough, But there always exist a person who have performed well in that exam, If he can that why can’t we. We give excuse to ourselves when we break up with our near and dear ones saying that they are not honest and we are wrong in judging them. But how one person who once sounded perfectly perfect can turn into malevolent. They may for sometime behave undesirably but that doesn’t mean they have changed. What actually has changed is our opinion towards them and inspite of accepting it we gave ourselves lame excuses.

Life can be far better and perfect, if we stop giving ourselves excuses. Excuses are nothing but our weaknesses. If we are passionate about doing something then we never give any excuse. Moreover, if anyhow we have made mistake then its better to accept it than to make an excuse. Excuses lead to nowhere.

  • sharad
    April 26, 2011

    nice man..its a story of every individual..

  • pallavi
    May 1, 2011

    gud one pankaj….
    But do u really follow ur writeup in ur own life..??

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