Where did Baba Ramdev go wrong ?

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Does anyone know, How British captured India ? Lord Macaulay, the first paymaster general between 1846 and 1848 in his address to British Parliament on 2nd February, 1835(far before first war of Independence) said that “India is unable to conquer because of its cultural and spiritual heritage, so in order to conquer a country like India, we must have to weaken its cultural and spiritual heritage” and then what happened is a history.

Since the day we Indians are born, we found ourselves surrounded by corruption. For birth-certificate to Death-certificate, we need to pay bribe. We have no option because we believe that a stupid common man can do nothing. When someone else starts fighting for it, he becomes our hero. History is full of such heroes. Nowadays we found someone in our street, someone in our locality, someone in our city fighting for something. Do they deserve to be our Hero ? Yes, if they are fighting for us, not for fame or name. Today its very easy to become hero, pick a sensitive topic related to culture, religion or heritage. Find some person who is trying to deteriorate it and start fighting with him. You will soon become hero and will be compared with Gandhi, Teresa and other philanthropic creatures.

In recent days, Ramdev covers newspaper more than advertisements, earlier they used to cover the maximum portion but Ramdev had overtook them. Some are comparing Ramdev with Gandhi while others are seeing God in him, who took avtar to remove corruption form nation. Is it fair to compare Ramdev with Gandhi ? Gandhi was fighting against British ,they were like dictators and ruling over us without our desire. On the other hand, the govt that we have today is the one that we had voted yesterday. 70 years back we had no constitution, There was no democracy.   But now, we have Democratic govt, a democracy is considered to be the most powerful force that exists on this universe. We have the biggest constitution in this world, what’s the use of it if we are not going by it.

It seems very easy to curse things. Its not easy to govern the largest Democracy of the world, but still we are blessed to be governed by a man who got D.Phil from University of Oxford and Economic tripos from University of Cambridge, and we still think that we are in wrong hands.

How many of us really know about Ramdev demands.? 70% of the persons who were there on the Ramlila ground didn’t know 50% of what exactly Ramdev wanted and what were his demands, What they knew was someone was fighting against corruption and they had to support him. Ramdev is demanding abolishment of Rs1000 notes and Rs500 currency notes, so that people are not be able to take bribe, Is it feasible ?, what if they start taking it in dollars, Abolishing 500 or 1000 notes seems to be the stupidest method of curing corruption. He asked to disable the operations of any bank which belongs to a country that is a tax haven. To replace British-inherited system of governance, administration, taxation, education, law and order with a swadeshi alternative. Till date all my attempts to understand this vague word “Swadeshi” has gone in vain. My knowledge about things state that things are either right or wrong, good or bad. How can we differentiate between things because of their radix. Most of the languages of world including Italian and Chinese were derived from Sanskrit. If they can adopt good things from us, why not we.? He is demanding to promote Hindi at the expense of English. Is he now trying to cut us from the rest of world?

Ramdev who is speaking so much about and against corruption and asking to make wages of different categories of labourers uniform across the country, Himself imposes different fees for ones who sit in first row to the ones who sit in last in his shivirs.

The man who is fighting for publicity and not for corruption is taking the name of 400 lakh crore rupees in foreign banks to be deposited in govt. fund. But he himself had a turnover of 1200 crores in just one year(2009-2010). How can someone who is teaching Yoga philanthropically can earn so much. Its only when we do business we can earn so much money.

How many of us know that Ramdev, owns a complete Island, people used to own an apartment, a house and a bungalow but the yoga king owns a complete island near Scotland. When he was asked about it, he said he should teach yoga there. Either we Indians are super dumb or he is super intelligent. In anycase if we are supporting him, we are going against our govt and we ourselves are becoming the hurdles in smooth functioning of our govt. Let not Ramdev be next Lord Macaulay.


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  • Deepak
    June 25, 2011

    Regarding the abolishment of 1000 & 500 rupee bill, he’s absolutely right.
    Have you ever seen 1000 dollar bill??
    What he is demanding, many countries including USA have already implemented long ago.

  • pankverma
    June 27, 2011

    Dude, the topic is itself debatable..

    There is always two sides of a coin.. I wrote what i felt..

  • Prateek
    June 28, 2011

    Completely unacceptable!!!!!

    After havin so much in his deposits and owning an island ,is he a fool who is takin pain n goin on for hunger strike and what we are doing…instead of supporting him we are stating negative points;dunno care about what he is and how is his beahavoir …think about his current objective only…..
    The problem is ,he is having so muchhh wealth n so muchh fame along with the supporters ;dats what d government is emphasizin on in order to make a negative impression of his motives.So that means a wealthy person cannot do anything for his nation.
    What has happened n how he has been treated is wrong n he is not the only hero the common who has the dareness n who comes forwrd to take the intiatives is the hero ….including you too…

  • pankverma
    June 28, 2011

    @Prateek: Dude once a political leader wins in a political election, he earns so much that his next seven generation need not to do anything.. Does it mean he shall not stand in the election again..?No, Not at all because his aim is not only to earn money but to be cynosure also.

    Regarding Ramdev, I can’t deny the fact that he has given new life to Yoga and ayurveda,when both were on their end. But the context here is not of ayurveda. Moreover we cannot, completely consider him to be philanthropic as a philanthropist can not earn so much money..

    The way he is adopting for protest is not fair, hunger strike is nothing more than a blackmail, and we blackmail only for things that are wrong. We can’t compare his methods with our ancient leaders because they are fighting with dictators. I’m not supporting my govt and I have not said that the govt is working very well but I’m TOTALLY against Ramdev because of the way he adopt for protest. If today we are electing a govt and tomorrow we are going against it than its we who are wrong somwhere and because of which these political sadhus take advantage.

  • A gal supporting Ramdev
    June 29, 2011

    I agree with you up to a certain extent.. I agree the intention of Ramdev is not as pure as he pretend to be.. But still he is a national epitome, he is considered one of the respectable person.. Don’t you think if his way is wrong then the way govt has used to tackle with him are also wrong..? You are speaking about democracy.. Its only name of democracy because in no democracy police beats its people at midnight without giving them even warning. Correct me if I’m wrong.. You are one the few person whose thoughts I respect, but in this very post of you I don’t think that you have done justification.. I’m not supporting Ramdev but unlike you I’m against this bloody govt. Dude, how many times did you cast your vote..? Its because people like you and me don’t cast vote dats why govt like these came into existence.. Manmohan singh is one of the best leader India can even imagine.. but everyone knows he is not a leader at all.. he is a puppet.. People has elected Manmohan singh but if he is the one who is ruling over us..? No, he is a mere puppet.. Its shameful that we are being ruled by someone from foreign and you are supporting that govt and going against persons who have done a lot to enrich indian culture.. Dude, think over this.. You have brilliant thoughts.. May be its your opinion and may be you are right but i have written what all i think.. 🙂

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