An Incomplete Debate..!!

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Today its being a prosaic day for me, Its the third time that the Dhobi has lost my clothes and this time really i’m going to take a portentous action against him.. I hope the time I’ll complete my B.Tech I have gifted him more clothes then the centuries of Tendulakar.. Please pray Tendulakar score less centuries .. Its being quite tedious to attend College till 5:00 pm and to maintain 75% of attendance.. I’m sick of it.. From past three years I’m doing the same thing.. and its quite monotonous.. and unwillingly I just want to cross the walls of this college.. and then the food.. the food of mess.. I’m feeling proud on me, how can I tolerate such harsh treatment by mess authorities.. anywaz there are thousands like me and atleast I’m lucky from them in many respect and Its better saying everyone like others thing, forgetting the fact that we are other for someone.. quite ironical but true.. I don’t know why I’m writing it.. just to console me or to hide my mortification.. anyways just lyk other days I went to mess few hours back.. Lyk everyday there was a protracted queue.. and again I was glad to find there were more valiants in my hostel then me.. asking one of my friends sitting in the last seat of mess and attempting to cut the potato(I guess) by spoon.. Wats in the food.. He asked me Well if I’m not seeing it..?? Good question .. Question of an engineer and thats the quality of engineer they never give direct answer.. but unfortunately me too is an engineer I told him that I’m sabzi blind.. He laughed and told me even after eating it he couldn’t identify it… and then we two laughed.. Then he told me he guess it mite be Mushroom.. Thanks to mess authorities for filling some humour in my sombring life.. Well I buried my plan of dinner..

Its quite a pleasant ambiance today, It rained and the soil is giving winsome smell.. I like to have a walk.. Well walk is a part of my daily routine but still its more jubilant today.. Cool strokes of breezes are making an attempt to give me a pleasant sensation and really I like it.. Its quite a wonderful atmosphere.. I’m taking a long round.. at the end of path I instituted few homogolize faces .. three persons sitting on the ground and discussing something very important.. Two are my classmates.. Deepak Goyal and Rahul Pandey.. I don’t hesitate to disturb them asking them the criteria of eligibility for giving minors again curse on the person who introduced the system of Attendance .. It can’t be less then 70% .. I ask him.. Are you sure..?? He laughs and I really don’t like it because I’v 68% attendance that doesn’t include 2 of my subjects and hopefully it shall cross 70% but still I’m not sure.. anywaz who cares for my satisfaction.. What you guys are doing..?? Sanghosti(Debate)..?? and If you want to join us u can join us.. So its sanghosti I always like it.. he told me each day they do like that.. They discuss on current topics.. I laughed.. without having any reason.. Its my habit to laugh when nobody laughs and to sit quite when everyone is laughing that’s why I know I’m different.. So you guys discussing on wat..?? He told me come on sit down we shall tell you all.. I sit down.. He ask me not to attend any phone calls in between of sanghosti.. I don’t know whether it was a comment or instruction.. Okie fine dude.. there are three sitting Rahul Pandey(CS-3rd yr)[R], Deepak Goyal(CS-3rd yr)[D], Yatish (EC- 3rd yr)[Y] and the fourth one me Pankaj Verma (CS-3rd yr)[P]
D: We discuss on very debatable topics.. and to speak in English is not allowed in this sanghosti..
Y: I hope you feel difficulty in speaking pure hindi..
P: Well the first thing is Debate is always done on debatable topics so u seems quite stupid by saying We do debate on debatable topics and second thing is I’m quite good in hindi.. and that is pure hindi.. and you can judge it.. and I’m quite gud at Paryavachi(synonyms)..
R: Just tell me the synonyms of “Ambu”
P: (I’v not heard of it previously and I’v heard of Ambuj.. and I know its meaning but I know they are 2 different words) Firstly I smile then I continued.. Prason, Megh(I mix all which i guess can be its answer) blah blah and more blah blah..
D: I do expect it from you It seems I’m wrong when you start answering(He is referring to prason) but then everything is unveiled.. they all laughed..
P: Hehe.. I’v done it all intentionally to make u laugh people.. and then it was me only who’s laughing.. and I’m the one who got 96 in my hindi..
Y: So this is the topic of our today’s debate if number reveals the indepth knowledge..
P: Offcourse they do..
Y: I don’t agree..
P: Its all an opinion and your agreement or disagreement can’t mould the fact..
D: Do you remember the example of Wahi Ahmed our Data Structures teacher.. He told in class that he got 98 in Physics and he accept in class he doesn’t know anything in Physics..
P:I don’t.. I’v enough things to remember rather then such fucky things.. but still I do think that number reveals something..
D: Ya something is okie but not everything..
P: I agree.. So you do agree that numbers reveal something..
D: Well tell Rahul him the problem statement of our Debate, that we left yesterday and planned to continue it today..
R: Suppose you are a graduate who passed out from college and u have a girl friend(I smiled..) the bad thing is you are unemployed(I see him in such a way to give him threat..) and the girls wants to marry you.. and the worst thing is your parents are against it.
D: You have the option to leave the gal without letting your parents tell that you love any girl and that is totally injustice for the girl and the second one is you let your father told about girl..
P: Hmm… Nice topic..
Y: You are not here to give comments but to give arguements and solutions..
P: It depends upon many things.. We can’t only take decision on this much information only..
D: Suppose that the girl is totally dependent upon you..
P: I’ll leave the girl.. If I’v to answer in one word..
Y: Isn’t you are doing injustice to the girl..
P: No, Not at all.. I’v my reasons Well I want to ask you one question.. If you are given choice to choose between Capital punishment or Life imprisonment.. What will you choose..
D: Offcourse Capital Punsihment..
Y: Capital Punsihment..
R: Capital Punishmnet..
P: But I’ll choose Life Imprisonment.. (Well upto then I’v come in the mood of perfect debate It seems they three have taken One side and Me on other.. I’v an option to squeeze out the exhaustness of the day in form of words..)
D: Then you are an asshole..
P: Only you think..
Y: This is nothing to do with our topic .. Why are you diverting from topic..
P: I’m not diverting from topic.. I’ll correlate the things..
Y: Well don’t you think, its just the desire of family members of not allowing for the marriage.. and moreover.. Don’t you think that its quite a bigger injustice to the girl if you shall not get married to the girl who is totally dependent upon you then to the family members who have not any reson for not allowing you to marriage..
P: (I’v become quite hot till then) Its you think.. Tell me one thing How many years are you older.. hopefully not less then 22 years.. how many times did your parents think wrong for you.. Dude they are the one who always think for your betterment.. but this is not my reason of leaving the girl my reason include unemployment .. Since I’m unemployed Its quite obvious how can I fulfil mine and her basic necessities.. and since I’m doing it all against my parents wish then I’m a narcissist I can’t expect any help from them.. and then In this way though we marry according to your desire even then we can’t we happy.. and the injustice that you are speaking is just for a moment.. nothing wrong shall happen.. Time shall heal everything that girl soon get a well dude and then she don’t forget to forget you.. but still if you loose your parents then you don’t have other option.. and you are of nowhere..
R: In short you shall do injustice to the girl ..
P: who said..??
Y: you..
P: No its not injustice.. There is a better option also available.. If i truely love the girl I’ll ask her to wait till the time I got a job…
D: Then It means you do an adult marriage.. New crime.. (They all laugh.. Me smiled…)
Y: But I’ll be against you.. and I’ll marry the girl because i think sooner or later I’ll win over my parents and succeed in convincing my parents and then in this way I’ll do injustice to none..
P: You think.. and you are an asshole..
D: Me too agree.. not on your arguement but on the fact that he’s an asshole.. (We all laugh)
All it seems that in such a cold ambiance .. the weather doesn’t like our hot talks.. It start raining slowly..
D: All I think that we have to finish our debate now..
P: But the topic is not end yet..
D: We don’t want to wet before minors and the sangosthi shall be continued tomorrow from this very point..
It was a nice yet uncomplete debate and I like it.. We all three start moving towards hostel.. and I was thinking all of it.. I don’t know whether I was right or wrong.. but still it made me to think.. It made me to think of something.. The problem is very general and found in many of the slums leave slum even in the big cities we found many faces.. and in the newspaper every fourth news have the heading which reveals the fact that we have discussed, so many suicide cases, so many divorce cases all because of the problems that we have discussed but still initially youth think themselves to be right initially and later on everything is in front of all of us.. I’m not saying that I’m right but still i say my opinion is better..

  • Shubham
    March 26, 2009

    Abbey aaj kal kaise kaam chala rahe ho.. Jab dhobi kapde le gaya to..

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