Thank you Infosys, Mysore..!

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Finally its over, 4 months 17 Days that leaves an immortal impact over my life. Memory has an uncanny ability of making us sad when we are happy and making us happy when we are sad. Infosys, Mysore has given me plethora of memories, some good, some bad, some I want to keep in perpetuum, some I want to forget. I felt the unfathomable pain and enjoyed the zenith of happiness. Learnt so many new things and meet so many new peoples.

In the end I would like to thank few of my friends who have been there with me in my good and bad time. Two of my desktops one till Intermediate and one after that who accompanies me throughout my training. Copter, Bowling, Mario, Circus games who took me 10 years back. Toniff and Jai Mata Di restaurant who helped me to distinguish between north Indian and south Indian food. CCD in oasis and Arena for realizing me that coffee is not a bad beverage. Amoeba for its short queues. Housekeeping guys for teaching me what honesty is. Code Snippets without which I would have never passed my training. Forwarded mails who bring out smile on my face even after hectic training schedule. The black screen of Mainframe Terminal for realizing me computers are not always colorful and above all two special places one is Amphitheatre and another one is Gazzebo, the second one I found very later but is equally special. Both these are very close to my heart and shall always be. Since they are part of my sadness. In our life, its acceptable if we forget one who is part of our happiness but should never forget those who is part of our sadness. Miss you Mysore, I intentionally not took any pic but you shall stay in my heart forever.

  • Archit Shakya
    June 20, 2011

    I got the valuable information that i was hunting for. Thanks Man 🙂

  • Edmond
    February 8, 2012

    really awesome 😉

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