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There are moments in your life when you feel exiguous of words, you have a lot to say but don’t have words to express. These moments are priceless, memorable and everlasting. It was some 10 days back, I was sitting at Kanpur Station in a nostalgic mood. Surrounded by different shadows and different shades. There were people coming out from trains and hugging their beloved ones. The smile, the happiness and the sparks in their eyes were all prodigious. On the other side there were prick in the eyes of people who were departing from their beloved ones. But that’s Life.

With plethora of many instructions when I stepped out of my home, I was instructed to sit in waiting room, till the train arrives and veraciously speaking. I did made a wonderful attempt for first 15 mins by sitting in it and then like many other times I overheard my father’s advice and sat near a pillar, purchased a book from nearby install and started reading it. There resides a complete world on platform. So many people who were then at same place but after sometime gone to get separated by physical distances.

While I was reading the book I was disturbed by someone that disturbance was inevitable as I was enjoying the book. The source of disturbance was a girl, a pretty girl with big sparking eyes. Hair that once I guess were black but jotted together and changed to brown. Face that had surely not touched water from past many weeks but anyhow succeed in redeeming its beauty. Clothes that were too big for that young girl of 12 or 13. I looked on her and asked her to move on and continued reading my book but she was still water which refused to move. She started peeping on the cover page of my book. I closed my book looked directly in those big eyes and asked what she wanted ? She pointed to the nearby stall of poori sabzi. I wanted to help her but the teaching and preaching of my life were not allowing me to help beggars but my heart didn’t agree with that and he feel pity for that. I don’t know who was going to win. The experience of my life says whenever there is a fight of thoughts between your heart and anything else, its always your heart that shall win, because we human beaings learn from many teach to many more but when it comes to ourselves we are heart driven.

I smiled at her and she should aware of the fact I would be going to help her. She pointed again to that stall. I offered her my book. She smiled and returned it back to me. Though I give it as fun but it made me realized that we all have different priorties in our life. For her at that time poori and bhaji was of more importance irrespective of the fact that it cost 20 times less than that book and that was nations best seller. I smiled again and asked her if she went to school. She didn’t reply back. Since she had broken my conversation I wanted to do conversation with her when she was last interested. I repeated my question, this time she nodded her head. I asked the reason, she didn’t show any antiphon. I told her if she would give honest reply to all of my question. I would give her 20rs note, she smiled. I asked her why she wanted to eat that poori bhazi, she replied back that she was hungry. What an ultimate foolish question by stupid me. I asked her to read a wooden board on which something was written in hindi. She told that she didn’t know and then I found people around me eavesdropping me, surveying me. There were just two possibilities either they consider me super dumb or some philantroph, but who cares. Finally I asked her What is Happiness..? and then I heard the most beautiful answer. She replied back with poori bhaji. Teachings and preachings of my life I put on one side and I knew I was going to help her. I gave her a 20 rs note but she gave me a lesson that I’m going to cherish. She told me the real meaning of happiness. Give yourself everything that you once dreamt of and you once wished but there still resides the possibility of unhappiness and devoid yourself of everything but even then you feel the essence of happiness because happiness is something that reside in us. No matter how big we become, how much money we earn and how much wisdom we gain. There shall never ever be end of our dreams and goals. What it takes to be happy is love what you do, even if you are beggar and you are honest with your job then you are lucky with that business man who though have large business but still not satisfied and its not specific only to material world, it also applies to relationship if we go on searching for a best person than we never ever get anything, because excellence has no limit but if we consider best to whom what we have we shall be happy forever. Cheers to that wonderful gal who taught me so much 🙂

  • Priyanka
    March 25, 2011

    There is a possibility of learning each and everyday, infact every moment. The more you grasp those moments the more you’ll b successful.

  • Karan
    April 4, 2011

    Very Impressive 🙂

  • Gussie
    April 7, 2011

    woh I like your posts , saved to my bookmarks ! . -Gussie

  • Łomża Roese
    May 4, 2011

    It’s super page, I was looking for something like this

  • Monica
    September 19, 2012

    U clicked the pic used in this post ?

  • Zaria Khan
    September 19, 2012

    Very touching, Loved the definition of Happiness.. Very true..

  • Apoorva
    September 19, 2012

    Nice, but is it a real incident ?

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