The AWESOME days that WERE -II

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25 Things which I miss ..!

1.Our participation in IT-BHU fest for LAN gaming and flunking sessionals for the same.

2. My Discover DTS-i Who never ever ditched me and ran pertinacious for 9000 kms in 10 months.

3. My lecturer of Mechanical Engineering whose class i had never ever missed but never ever studied in his class.The awesome book which he had written, without which i mite not ever dreamt to pass in Mechanical.

4. Rajesh and his son kalu who had mastered the art of making omlettes at their khokha and turned a PURE vegetarian into vegetarian.

5. e-Xtreme Cub whom I’ll always love for no reason, I mite be its worst General Secretary but my love and honesty for it was unbeaten.

6. Our great TGMC project, in which i had not typed a single line of code but i was the one who had been asked the first question when we reached final.

7. My awesome ragging and my artificial innocence i should never ever forgot when my senior asked me what is Sex and i told him i don’t know, rest is history.

8. Our research paper which my friend had written and it got selected for final round, i never ever understand the concept of that but i’ll miss anything in my resume but not that.

9. My interview of Infosys for which i hadn’t prepared anything, if he was going to ask me about me thrice i was going to give him different answers.

10. The holi after which i bathe for the longest duration in my life.

11. My final year project about which i only knew it was on MATLAB and were related to some action tracking concept.

12. My memorable 7 marks in chemistry, which later on turned into 75, which made me realised that University people can’t even upload marks sincerely.

13. Kailash hospital, which I should always consider a place where i could get food if i would feel hungry at 1.

14. My preparation for CAT which made me a human being.

15. Our memorable trip to Shimla, which later on turned into immortal memory.

16. My stealing of petrol from bike in night at Rail Vihar and then that bloody guard who caught us.

17. Our Robot which refused to work in IIT Delhi’s Fest.

18. The guy at beer shop in Tugalpur who used to give us a special concession of 5% without any reason.

19. The Fresher party which we gave to our juniors, i couldn’t believe i was its head for Discipline committe.

20. Our stupid dhobi who twice lost 4 of my jeans and never ever accepted that.

21. Our final year Project presentation in which i was the person who had been recruited for changing the slides.

22. Our ingenious Computer Graphics lecturer who had tried everything in his life and whose stories were immortal.

23. My 5 times detention from sessional, which never taught me any lesson.

24. Our annual college fest of whose i was student representative but the fest found its existence into MS-WORD and MS-EXCEL.

25. Two gujjars who looted my mobile and the story later turned into an example for those who love night walk.

My friends are never part of this list, because we missed only those things that we have lost and that we once had, They are still with me and shall always be..

  • Ratika
    March 23, 2011

    gr8 work.. very well written…

  • Ralph Vanepps
    July 3, 2011

    Nostalgic post, though i get little out of it.. but it reminded me of my University days.

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