When daily, I used to meet Ghost..!

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I remember when I was kid and didn’t do my homework, My Mother used to lock me in the store room, located in one corner of our house. That was the most harrowing punishment I could imagine at that time. What I fear most was my belief that Ghost came in that room when it was dark. That fear was commensurate enough to make my tongue stammer and legs tremble. But as I grow up I realised that there doesn’t anything like Ghosts. But how much we grow up and how much we learn wisdom the child in us which we left behind sometimes comes back to us. 

Sometimes when it was dark and I’m all alone. When the curtains of my room start reverberating with air or the Stridultary organ of Cricket start chirping in the darkness of night. My heart start beating fast, and I slowly open one of my closed eyes, to inquire the provenance of disturbance, recalling that ghost doesn’t exist. A smile aroused on my face. I go back in my childhood days when I had my own theory of ghost, My own beliefs which i can still recall:

1. Ghosts are afraid of Fire.

2. Ghost can’t harm you, if you have a locket embarking a God’s Picture or OM in your neck.

3. If you see a Ghost and anyhow Ghost come to know this, He’ll surely kill you.

4. If you start chanting Hanuman Chalisa after seeing Ghost, Ghost can’t harm you in anyway.

5.Ghosts have feet in opposite direction.

6.Ghosts work only in night shifts, They remain invisible during day time.

7. Ghosts are purely non-vegetarian and Blood is their favourite food.

8. Not all Ghosts are bad.

9. If you are sleeping in open space along with others in night, then Ghost must attack firstly who is sleeping on edge.

10. While sleeping in open you must not point your finger in sky nor throw Torch’s light otherwise Ghost come to know about your existence.

11. Black is the favourite color of Ghosts.

12. Bullets, Electric shock can’t harm Ghost, only TRISHUL can harm him.

13. 13 is the favourite number of Ghosts.

14. Most often Ghosts reside on Pipal Tree.

These were my myths regarding Ghosts, I can’t stop smiling when I remember all this. Life was far easy when we fear Ghosts and The fear of Ghosts was not that fearful. I wish I can go back to GHOSTY Days 😉

  • Prateek
    April 22, 2011

    Maja aa gaya padh ke.. Badhiya hai.. 🙂

  • Prasanna Raghavan
    June 11, 2011

    Oh your mother could create a host of ghost theores in you by locking you up in the store room. That is my theory 😉

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