If Life is Fair ?

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Yesterday, again it was a black day in the history of Mumbai, three bomblasts in different part of Mumbai, slowed down its heartbeat. There were children who were coming back from tution , playgrounds. There were men who were returning from offices and there were  teenagers who were returning from shopping. Some of them were recently married, some were the only child of their parent and some were the reason of someone else’s living. If anyone of them knew what’s going to happen next ? If they were wrong anywhere..? and if not then why it all happened to them..? Throughout, our life we hear that God exists, and everything in our life has an Happy ending ? But is it really true ?There always exist things which give peace to our heart and pleasure to our ears, but everything that gives peace and pleasure is not surely real.

Isn’t half of the things in our life decided by the time we born ? It’s just destiny that someone born as Rahul Gandhi and the other born as a disabled person among the poorest of poor. I bet if Rahul Gandhi or just someone like him had not done anything throughout his life, even then he lived like King on the other hand the poor has to toil 100 times more to earn 100 times less than him. In our life, later or sooner we have to accept whatever life has given to us, because acceptance is the only thing we can do. We believe in Destiny, we believe in Stars. Whatever We believe but its fact that this world is a better place to live in, when everyone starts from the same place. How can we judge who is good and who is not, when all are starting from different points.

Throughout my life one constant thing that I noticed  is sometimes people who don’t deserve a shit gets everything and the ones who deserve everything gets nothing, whatever it is, Be it job, be it friendship, Be it love or be it promotion. In any case luck matters. Sometimes it matters more and sometimes less, but in short it matters.  Those who attain a certain degree of wisdom call it Karma, than luck. They believe that Karma travels between  our birth hence a lot in this birth is explained by our previous Birth’s work. But if the concept of previous Birth, Karma is logical in Todays scientific world ? Life is not at all fair, but when you say you shall found yourselves surrounded by many, some of them call you pessimist, some of them call you unsatisfactory soul. But they don’t know that sometimes Truth is Bitter.

Once a good friend of mine told me, what would you do if you come to know that The forthcoming year is not going to be good for you , Would you stop worrying ? So its of no use. How many times we know that things are not right but we have to do them because we don’t have another option. Same here, Life is fair or unfair, we have to live it diligently. Because the fact is Everyone dies but not everyone truly lives. What all we can do is to hope best, have faith in God, to breathe slowly, admire the beauty, to love all those who love us and to love those more who hates us. This is the only way we can live happily. Because Life may be fair or unfair and its not in our hand but happiness is in our hand, and to be happy its not necessary that everything is fair.

  • Rahul
    July 14, 2011

    Some people call it Karma, than luck. Now karma travels between our births, hence a lot in this birth is explained by our previous births’ works. Otherwise no one can justify one man being born as Rahul Gandhi and the other born as a disabled person among the poorest of the poor on this earth.

    I have also had the same thoughts as yours, and I guess most of is think about it at some stage of life or the other. I think that for all practical purposes, life appears not to be fair. But we have to do good anyway.

  • pankverma
    July 14, 2011

    @Rahul: Thanks, for your valuable input. Yes, but anyhow we cannot keep on blaming things we have to accept the things, however unfair life may be it always give us an option..

  • Vijay
    July 14, 2011

    Dude, i don’t believe tht destiny is already written by someone else, its u have to identify tht its in ur hands,never back down and when u realise this ..u r the happiest person on the earth.

    P.S- High rage for mumbai attacks and grief for injuries and death.

  • gaurav kushwah
    July 19, 2011

    Well written .. and my heart is also filled wid grief for all those who have been killed in mumbai bomb blasts .. but I dont believe in destiny .. nothing is written anywhere, it is wat we do and dat decides our future .. for me ‘KARMA’ is more imp 🙂

  • Aprender Ingles
    December 27, 2011

    Did you create this specific write-up yourself? ! ?

  • Alice D Souza
    September 16, 2012

    Good article , thanks and we want more!

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