Once again Nostalgic !

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There are times when you feel nostalgic. There can be many reasons for the same like looking back at old Photographs and thinking how stupid you look at that time or just talking with your friends whom you have not talked since ages. But the worst Nostalgia is one in which you don’t have any special reason. You just realize that you have grown up, your whole life flashes in front of your eyes. There were things that happened in your life that makes you feel happy or sad and a random thought comes in your mind that you are not going to live that time again. The thing that makes me feel sad or better said nostalgic is the fact that I’ve become a mere parasite of this Technology. I can’t imagine my life without a Mobile Phone, a Laptop, Internet or my Bike. Yesterday, there was a power cut in my building. Perhaps, it was the first power cut since I’ve been to Pune. It was 2:00 AM of night and the whole world turns into darkness, I was feeling helpless and suffocated. I was feeling warmth in the summer wind and my body perspired after ages. There was just one thought that was running in my mind, Am I become the mere Parasite of this Technology, and if yes, since

Then flash a time before my eyelids, when we don’t have inverter or generator at home. Me and my brother used to study in lamp’s light. My Father used to fill kerosene oil in its body portion during day time. But, Alas! I can’t recall the last time I saw that instrument. I just remember when it was my Brother’s board exam and we brought emergency light at our home. We used to charge it during day time and when there was power cut in the evening, my mother used it sparingly.  Yes, the best thing that gives me immense pleasure and peace is me and my brother topped in our district studying in that Emergency light.  But, it’s after ages that I realized that there used to exist things like Emergency rod and Lamps in this world.

I still remember those summer night, when we used to play ‘chupam chupai’ when we had a power cut. We used to sleep at our terrace and gazing at stars give me immense pleasure. I used to play game of identifying shapes of different animals by connecting the stars with my brother. I never point in sky when I saw something bright supposing the fact that that bright thing was some ghost and if I point towards it he came to know that I watched him and he would kill me.  The stars are still the same and daily I see bright objects in sky. But neither I’m able to identify different shapes nor gazing at them gives me any pleasure. The best thing about those summer nights when there was power cut I start weeping and my Father woke up.  He used to fan over till the time sleep honored me from its presence. That was the most peaceful sleep.  I didn’t see that fan since ages. Nature has not changed, nor the stars, they are still at same place, brightening with same flash. The winds still blow with same speed. But why this difference then? Because, Its only me who has changed and I realized this fact when some wind from past brings that feeling to me.

  • Anurag
    October 6, 2012

    Nice Post, Very touching 🙂

    • Pankaj
      October 6, 2012

      Thanks Anurag 🙂

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