Good Bye 2012 !

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Unlike previous years, I’m writing this post a bit earlier. There are 15 more days remaining to say goodbye to year 2012, but If Mayans were right, then I’ll miss this post which I really do not want.

Finally the year 2012 is coming to an end. A Year that is different from previous years. A Year that brought me in touch with darkest of my emotions. A Year that made me realized of my greatest fears and strengths. A year that teaches me
different aspects of Life. I feel the deepest of pain and witnessed the zenith of happiness in this year. Throughout the year I struggled to cope up with the changes that have taken place in my personal life. Though there are not much ups and downs from professional aspect. In the end of this year I realized that I’m far stronger than my problems and even stronger than my imagination. We never know how strong we are unless being strong is the only choice we have.

This year starts with a wonderful trip to Goa and going to end with a trip to Bangalore. Have reunions with old friend twice and got a chance to go home thrice. There were few dreams which translate into concrete achievements while others are near borderline. This year transformed a young angry man to man who knows how to control anger. This year bring me closer to my favorite hobby of photography and I visited almost every place within 200 Km diameter of Pune.

I’ll make few resolutions for the next year. I’m not sure how long they will last and I’m not even promising the same. But I’ll do my best to fulfill every resolution. The coming year I’ll try to be a good son and a good brother. The coming year I’ll try to update my blog every month. The coming year I’ll try to go for Photo walk every 15 days. The coming year I’ll try to make sketches every month. The coming year I’ll try to work more hard in my workplace. The coming year I’ll try not to drink tea more than once in a day.

Let not memories of mistakes and pain from Past made a remark on my future. Past is always a good place to learn but not to reside. There are always people, who’ll doubt me, but they themselves are enough, I’ll not waste my own time by burdening myself with foolish doubts about myself. And yes, the biggest resolution of mine for the coming year is to come alive. You and I are capable of creating miracles. Let’s create few!

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