Memories of Summer Vacation

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Sometimes some things happen which bring you back in time, Remind you of time that you have once spent. Bring back memories and smiles on your face and then you realize that time has changed and things have changed too with it.

Like many other days, I called my Mom this morning. The phone was picked up by a little girl who used to live in my neighbor. To show unnecessary superiority I asked her what she is doing at home and why she didn’t go to School. She answered me in more Superior (Ignore Grammar here) tone that she need not to go school in Summer Vacations and she will also not go for next 1.5 months. “Summer Vacations” I heard this word after a long time. Perhaps most of theimmortal memories of my childhood have been created during this period. May be it was playing ludo with the kids of neighborhood or learning how to ride bicycle. Pressing neighbors’ bell and running or spending time at Grandmom’s house. It was very special time of year where time seems stop and days are filled with no worries, fun and laughter all with a bunch of good friends.


I remember before the start of Vacation we had been given a long printed sheet which mentioned the homework that we need to do in next 2 months. Writing a page of dictation daily and making few charts were my favorite homework. But apart from this most of my homework remain unfinished and my brother used to do it in last 10 days of vacation. For those 10 days I used to behave as Laxman and obey all orders of my brother. The other good part of summer vacation was my Father was in bank so we used to go on an annual trip. I remember we have visited almost all part of India.

But Memories are more memorable if they are crazy. There were few crazy memories of that time that are still fresh in my mind. I remember we used to visit my Grandma’s house for at least two weeks which usually extends like the deadline of present day projects ;). My Grandma’s home was three storied building which had a shop on ground floor. At that time we had only landline phones and there used to come one telephone directory from Bharat Sanchar Nigam limited.  Me and My Mama’s (Uncle) son was of almost same age. We used to pick some funny name from that directory and then dial its number. We used to ask some crazy question like which movie was there in Jai Palace (Name of Theatre) or what the rate of Bhindi (Lady Finger) is. Most of the times person understand that some kids were speaking so they also gave some funny answer. But not every day is yours. We had extension phone as well that used to be in Ground floor (In shop). One day we had been caught red handed. My Mama picked up the phone in between we were making prank call. He came to third floor and asked me “So tell me which movie was there in Jai Palace”. The whole blame comes to me and I had been declared the master mind of that plan though I was not ;). After all a court had been called upon and the punishment came as I had to stand in form of chair for next 20 mins. In spite of all that, that was not the last time we did it. We did it again but in a more careful manner.

Time has changed since then. Life was easy then. Punishments were not tough and world was not that real. Memories of Cricket and Pakadam Pakdai are still fresh but I can’t relive those days. The best part of memories is we don’t know when we are creating them. My Last summer vacation was some 7-8 years back and since then started the race. The race of life where the only aim is to run even if you don’t know where you are going, keep on running because if you don’t you will lose. But if running is the only aim in only life? If in this race we are giving proper time to ourselves, our dreams and our memories?


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