Thanks Dear Zindagi !

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We all have few things which we used to do and then with time we all become so busy with our lives that those things become memory. One such thing in my case is “Writing”, from year 2006 to year 2013 I used to write regularly, Writing was one of the constant thing in my life and it was one of the few things which make me happy. I just realised that the last time I updated my blog was some 3 years back and since then so many things happen. Still I don’t have anything special to write so thought of thanking the Life for keeping me alive.

Well, I’ve learnt so many things in Life in last 3 years and I believe so does everyone else but at times we don’t realise it. One important such thing is everything will fall in place in the end and for everything you’ll get reasons. There will be things that will happen which you don’t want but with time you realise that what actually has happened has happen for good. A journey is always worth more than the actual goal, at times we miss the goal but we learn things on the way which helps us in achieving the next goal. In your journey you may make mistakes and that’s what make you human. Everyone make mistake, I too made one last year by donating 1000Rs for Aap Aadmi Party 😉 assuming that is party of people and for the people but I learnt later on 🙂

I believe we should be thanking life for all its lessons. It’s always good to have a life with ups and downs then a life with consistency so that we have stories to tell to our Grandchildren. At time life seems long and dark we are clueless what’s going on but the only way to get through this is not depression but the trust in you that you can do it. You never know how strong you are unless being strong is the only choice you have. I remember as child I had fear for public speaking. I was house captain for one of the house and as part of school annual club events I had to represent my club/house in debate competition, I still remember the debate topic, it was “If it’s right decision to choose Kalam as President of India” I was asked to speak against the topic, when I reached the stage my legs were shivering and probably that was the last time my legs shivered.

So, on a fine Saturday morning and bright sunny day in Melbourne I would like to thank you my Life for giving me all what I was looking for me and the answers for not getting the things which I want. Waiting for next Friday to watch “Dear Zindagi”.



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