Everything has a cusp..!! Friendship is EveryTthing..!!

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Till d day she became my friend

My orbit has got a changed

I believe dat Friendship is d best thing in world

All d relations r made in heaven but friendship..??


She is far away from me

But when we talked she is very close to me..

She is alwaz there to console to me.. to cheer me

She is there to say “Nothing happened..”


But I never imagine dat Friendship has a cusp..

If I know.. I never made her my friend

Everything has a conclusion

So has d Friendship..


The thing for which u cared most

Must betrayed u oneday.. So is she

Then comes d doomsday

She said she is goin..


She left me in d Boulevard of my broken dreams..

I wept for her from sunrise to sunset

I pray for her to return ..

But she is already gone..


Now it made me to think

Were we really friend.??

Or was it a lie..  

She said she will b there till d end of my life


But then why she left me

 Perhaps I misunderstood herMight b she don’t deserve me  

But still I desrve her..


Now I’m completely empty..

I’m completely numb..

I want to cry..

I don’t know d reason .. still I want to cry 

Perhaps she might hear me cry.

Or d star might sent my message

That I still consider her to be my friend

For me Friendship is immortal


On a silent night

I close my eyes

A silent sky, A silent tear and a silent wish

Dat u r here..!!!


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