For Indian’s who think nothing can happen of this nation.

Few hours back, I was roaming with one of my friend in market we both were standing on a cold drink shop, we noticed two college guys were going on their bike, when a police man standing on the side of road signalled them to stop, the guys stopped the one sitting back move down from bike, the police man asked them to show the papers of their bike. The guys told him that they don’t have it. The police man asked the constable standing behind him to took the key of bike and asked the guys to bring the paper of bike. The guys asked the police man to let them leave as they have theirexamination, the policeman refused to do so. The guys gave him a 50Rs note the police man started shouting on the guys  the one sitting on bike took out 100 Rs note and pushed it in the hand of policeman the police man told him that i forgiving you this time but shall not leave you next time. Till that time we have finished our colddrink, I asked the shopkeeper if it happens regularly here or we are one of the few lucky ones to watch it.. The Shopekepper told me Ye to yahan ka roj ka scene hai, Kuch nahi ho sakta is desh ka.. The last part of his sentence hurts me..

Since the day i was born i’m hearing this sentence Kuch nahi ho sakta is desh ka, There is flaw in everything here.. But the thing that amuses me is the fact what actually our nation is..? Is Nation something physical, no not at all.. We are nation, In fact when we are saying these words that kuch nahi ho sakta is desh ka then we are not saying this for our country we are saying it for ourselves, because we comprises our nation. Kuch nahi ho sakta is desh ka because we don’t want to take pain to do something for it. We curse the poor water supply, but its we who are responsible for poor sewages.. We curse the electricity problem but 22% population is still using unauthorized connection of power.. and the worst come when we curse the bloody politician forgetting that we are the one who chooses them.. It seems to have great pain in taking out 2 hours of one life for casting vote then to curse them for next 5 years, In india 65% of the middle class do not vote which comprises 40% of Indian population, 65% of illiterates and 75% of slumdwellers vote.. If such is the vote statics then how can we expect from government.. We don’t go for vote because we think one single vote doesn’t make a difference but we don’t know that in 1923 it was the single vote who make Hitler the leader of Nazi Party, In 1960 it was one vote change in each precinct that have defeated John Kennedy, In 1875 it was one vote that ended the bloody custom of monarchy in France. But we don’t know facts and figures what we know only is to curse.. To curse this nation, its politician, its education system and its everything.

We are the same one who created Pentium chips, we are the creator of free email system, we are the only country other than US, Japan to have built a super computer Indigenously. We have the sharpest mind in the world but still we dream of being a developed nation by tomorrow, not today. If really we want to change something about this nation, first we have to change ourselves, to change our thinking that a single person can’t make a difference we belong to a nation where persons like shivaji exist who alone became an iron nut for the mighty mughals. In fact when ever a difference is being created in history it is been created by a single human being, because mob always consists of foolish. So stop thinking that what our country have done for us, think what we can do for our country.

  • Shubham Tiwari
    May 29, 2010

    Hey dude, good writing…have read this topic a lot of time with different views….n some guys are applying some ideas too…but it will take time to make the changes for the whole nation…
    P.S. while reading this article, my net connection got disconnected and same thought came to mu mind..kuch nahi ho sakta iss desh ka 😛

  • deepak goel
    May 29, 2010

    yeh aksar sunne ko milta hai ki kuch nhi ho skta is desh ka…………….
    bt d way u raise dis topic is really inspiring……stats are good bt one thing i want to say cheejen badal rhi hai aur time to lgega bt is desh ka kuch hoga aur jroor hoga……..
    ny ways nice views…………

  • vijay singh
    May 29, 2010

    bhai kiya lika hey ,,maan gye,,
    tum jaise log hi desh ko tarakki dilaoge

    i m confident…,i m proud of u !!

    keep it up!!

  • Rahul
    May 29, 2010

    Entering into the last phase of your college life you are getting matured, Nice topic and nice presentation keep on writing.
    All the best 🙂

  • Pawan
    May 29, 2010

    Nice post buddy. It’s always easy to curse then to take responsibility … , i expect that you are also taking actions on these words and will do something for this country … awesome wriiten:)

  • admin
    May 30, 2010

    @ All: Thanks 🙂

  • Sanjana
    May 30, 2010

    Hey, I don’t knw u write so wonderful.. Anywaz its an amazing post.. Shall read more of you.
    Continue writing. Gud Luck.

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