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There comes a point in everyone’s life, when he ‘THINKS’ he has lost ‘EVERYTHING’. He has to move on forgetting the things, the persons who in actual matters a lot. To say Good-Bye to things when they are actually needed, and the worst part comes when you don’t have any reason why all that happened. Why a sudden cyclone comes when everything is going fine and it destroyed all. As it seems you are a victim of broken ship, who has been fighting with waves and trying every bit to find a shore.
You realised that there can’t be a worst phase of your life, when people see only worst in you. Things of your that are once appreciated are been considered bad and you don’t have any way, any method to get out of it.
But whatever the situation in life is, the good thing about life is it always gives you an option. An option to live life as life or to keep yourself in the dogma of past. you are the reason of your every problem and you are the solution of your every problem. Just accept every situation that you considered as problem. Life don’t have any Pause button, Time waits for none. Believe Life is not only a beauty to admire, but also a duty to complete, a song to sing and a tragedy to confront. If life takes you to that point, there must be a reason for it. Just wait for that reason. If you know you are right stand for it don’t care even if you are standing alone and when you are wrong don’t hesitate to accept it. In life if you can’t forget just forgive and if you can’t forgive just forget. Take Life in the way God has given, enjoy its every color, believe your instincts. Life is too precious don’t waste it. Life is life fight for it.

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