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Sometimes when we are free, all alone then we got a chance to peep back in our life, to remember our good and bad time. Remembering which a smile arises on our face and when somebody asks Why are you smiling ? what happened ? we end up by saying nothing, but the truth is that, that smile is the most beautiful smile and there truly exists something which gave you that smile. The same nothing, I told to one of my colleague when she asked me what happened , while I was reading a mail. The mail that remind me of one day, perhaps the first day of my so called College Life. I remember when I was in school and once got a chance to visit my Brother’s College, the life their fascinates me and I dreamt that one day I would also study in some college, dreams do come true.

It was the first day of my so called college life, people usually don’t get late on the first day, and I sway I did my best so as not to be an exception but alas I were.! Perhaps, I was the last one to enter the class which comprises of mixed kind of faces who were all strangers to me but who knows that these strangers should transform into perfect friends one day. I sat on the second row, with a tall slim boy who introduced himself as Manoj, that was the first name from CS GCET 2006-2010 that I came to know. Behind me were sitting two more strangers who turned out to be my best pals of all time, One of them was mighty Bansalite, the thing that fascinated me about him was he had done his engineering preparation from the same place, and the second one was a lad from Gorakhpur, about whom I can only say that he was the guy whose last impression was always going to be better than first one. So on the very first day, I got three wonderful friends. Three friends with same white shirt, with third button red, black trouser and those bloody PT shoes.

The real fact that I came to understand only after my four years of engineering is its never your college that makes you an engineer, it’s always your hostel that brings out the engineer in you, luckily we have an awesome hostel who had a warden who existed in hostel permises only when no one needs him. The days were always fine, the real first year stuff we got to know when we returned from our classes and we found that our seniors were desperately waiting for us on the stairs of hostel and then started the distribution of juniors. We had been allotted to different seniors and then started the real awesomely awesome college life. A single 4 seater room 14-15 seniors sitting like kings and 10-12 juniors standing in front of them some were performing skit, some were dancing like shakira, some were behaving like Tarzan, some were selling groundnuts, some were swimming, some were flying Aeroplane and some were trembling. Then started the long lived chanting sessions of our GCET Anthem, the awesome way of Muski Pochna, The amazing way of asking the name of senior and our marvelous ninty. I don’t know what’s there in me for I was the first choice of my seniors. They ragged me like hell and they loved me like their younger brother. They told me that one day in my life I should miss all this, they ragged me at that time and I didn’t liked it but now I remember all this and just want to go back in my life and to live the same life again. The best thing about memories is you don’t know it when you are creating it.

There doesn’t exist a single semester of which I am able to tell all the subjects, but in my mind still alive all the bakar sessions that we had after 2 beer bottles. The best part of my college life is not when I scored good in some subject in some semester or I scored good in some sessional but it was when I got detained 5 times in my four year B.Tech and felt good because we got three extra holidays. I didn’t remember any of my subject in which my preparation were going good but I shall always Computer Organization in which out of three sessional exams I appeared in only one and scored 1.5 out of 30, and that bloody semester in which I scored 30. I never feel regret of anything that today I wish I had not done. I have my friends who studied like if it’s the only thing but later or sooner, we all are at same place. I still remember the words of my RTS teacher who threatened us because we are the worst coder that ever existed on this earth, He told us we could never do coding, I was depressed at that time but today I realized things come with time, Life would give you everything that you need if one day you need to do coding then you will learn it automatically. Its of no use if you learn things under pressure, the best thing in life is learnt by choice. I’m thankful to all those who are essential ingredient of my so called college life recipe for giving me so many memories and thank to god because they are still part of my life. Things and persons come and go but what they leave is memory. Cheers to all such memories.

  • nitin
    January 28, 2011

    Reading this I could recall all the incidents which hapnd with us in the first year and feeling a bit nostalgic written from heart. Awesome work bhai..

  • gaurav
    January 28, 2011

    Gud work bro … feeling nostalgic after reading it … specially the ragging period … and sandeep sir and gutkha sir in room no 215 … unforgettable 1st year 🙂

  • Anshul Agarwal
    January 28, 2011

    Ah…!!! Speechless Sirjee…!!!
    I am in final year and recalled every single moment while reading this post.
    Good thoughts…!!!
    Keep it up…!!!

  • Tom Reminey
    March 22, 2011

    Pretty good post, I learned some stuff I didn’t realize. I just found thing blog; it’s pretty thought provoking. I’m going to have to look at some of your other posts.

  • Pankaj Kumar Chaudhari
    October 23, 2012

    kya baat hai bro, dil yaado ki gaharaiyo me gushakar gote khane laga aur hame wo purana din yaad aane laga,
    sochta hu kya karu laut aaye wo suhane pal jisme un dosto ki baato ko dil gugunane laga

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