Aankhon mein jiske Koi to khwaab hai..!!

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I don’t know, why I’m in so much love with this song, The fact is I’m mesmerized every time I hear it.

Aankhon mein jiske
Koi to khwaab hai
Khush hai wohi jo
Thoda betaab hai
Zindagi mein koi aarzoo ke jiyein
Phir dekhiye……

Hothon pe jiske
Koi to geet hai
Wo haare bhi to
Uski hi jeet hai
Dil mein jo geet hai
Gun guna lee jiye
Phir dekhiye…..

Yaadon mein jiski kisi ka naam hai
Sapno ke jaisi uski har shaam hai
Koi to ho jis se apne dil dijiye
Phir dekhiye….

Khwaab buniye zara
Geet suniye zara
Phool chuniye zara
Phir dekhiye….

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  • pri
    July 20, 2011

    i like it too…it has a strange kinda serenity to it 🙂

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