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Shakespeare said that “All the world is a stage and all men and women merely players” but what if all the players start performing according to their own wish and change the plot of the play. Surely, the play will get flopped. Same things happen in real world. The God has provided us a beautiful role to serve on earth, provided a beautiful world to live in and has provided us everything that is necessary. But we the offspring of Darwin never liked it. In an attempt of perfecting the perfect we lead ourselves to nowhere. Surely, the world where we live is a better place to live in if few things doesn’t exist.

Religion: Religion is directly or indirectly associated with half of the blood that shed on this planet,. Religion never demands blood. Religion is for human good and other assumption, premise, inference or interpretation which denies this fact is far away from reality. If God really wants religion, He must have differentiated human beings in his creation. He should create few human beings with permanent long beard and name them as muslims. He should also create few human beings with a thin chotti running behind from their head and name them as Hindu. As God has not done anything like this, Who are we to do it? 90% of love marriages break up because of this silly reason. If two people wanted to live together than what’s the problem?? Does anyone has the idea how religion evolved and what’s the first religion on this planet? First religion existed even before people were aware of God and that was based on fertility. People were focused on the worship of the great earth Goddess but since then the meaning of religion changes and Religion was largely response to human fear. It was meant to provide a sense of security while living in dangerous environment. Today, the meaning of religion has totally changed. It is the weapon used by political parties to win the election. It is a medicine used by terrorist to change the thinking ability of a student and turn him into a jihadi. The world is surely a better place when brotherhood and philanthropy is the only religion.

Boundaries: Its really painful when the Home in which we are living in is divided among our brothers and sisters, we are restricted from entering its one or another portion. Same is the case. In our daily prayers we murmur that all human beings are brother and sister, but if they really are ..? Nations are shedding blood for a small piece of land. Thousands of soldiers lost their lives for the protection of these boundaries. Isn’t the dream of utopia becomes reality when there exists only one nation and that too driven by brotherhood. The bad thing is world had been divided with boundaries and the worst thing is its still dividing. When God has not created any boundary then who are we to create one by using rusty iron wires. The fact is boundaries on land creates boundaries in heart, Surely the world is a better place to live in, if their doesn’t exist any boundary.

Politics: Of all the things that I hate most, I don’t hate anything more badly than politics. There doesn’t exist any place or field which succeeded in escaping from this bloody term. This is the thing which gives birth to Reservation and many other bloody systems  and which deprived many intelligent soul from getting what they deserve. Today your success not only depends upon your skills and talent but also on how good a political player you are. The politics of nation is more of the benefit for those who are running it rather than for whom they are running it. Surely, if there is no politics the world is a better place to live in.

Weapons: If it seems logical that we are spending a large portion of our economy for the blood shed, when many of us are dying of hunger and famine?? If not then why so much money is spend on weapons..? The only use of weapon is to shed blood. The weapons were invented by man during hunting age for fulfilling his food habits but after it, it is hardly use for this purpose. Surely, if there is no weapon on this planet than crime rate must be negligible, Because weapons are the strength of criminals and half of the crimes is done by the barrel of gun. A single bomb can make a nation a history. How can we kill human beings, If we don’t love them ? Weapons are never necessity and those who are saying it have some flaw in their thinking, The world is better place to live In if the only weapon is love and compassion.

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    Some genuinely good stuff on this web site , I it.

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