Life is worth living.

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How it feels when someone has stolen your dream, when it was young and fresh and you were innocent. It seems that we have lost some integral part of our life and the life without that dream is merely a dream !

Peeping back into my life and unfolding previous 18 chapters, I can recall my small dog of fur, that was my best friend. I firmly believe that he was the one who could truly understand my sentiments, my feelings, my language and at best my silence. I used to kick him and I used to hug him but in no case he show any objection. But every good thing has an end. One day, I returned from my school and found him dead, the fur that constitute him was flying in air and floor. I was paralyzed, as someone had snatched my life from me.  I threw away my bag start weeping and weeping and some more weeping. Had  fought with my Mom. Finally the matter close with deal that I would be provided a replica of previous dog. Since then things come in my life, they become integral part of my life, teach me something, hurt me, give me happiness and one fine sunny day leave me. Every time they leave me I found myself with the belief that I wouldn’t survive and that’s the end of my happiness. But every time time proved me wrong. I survived and that too very brilliantly.  The biggest irony of our life, we never have a idea of our hidden potential. We never know how much strong we are until being strong is the only option we left with.

Everything that took place in our life has its own importance and has its own reasons. At times we are not aware of the facts and reasons but we get them with time. The important thing is we should deal our bad time in the same way we deal good time. Do we really thank God when we are happy? How much of us know the real meaning of life? The fact is everyone we meet in our life is afraid of something, loves something and has lost something. If the thing is not specific to us, than why should we bother about it? The biggest truth of universe is “This time will pass away”, so why worry because of this time.

When we are hurt, when our heart breaks, we feel pain we feel anger and we feel regret, sometimes these emotions cross out their threshold value. But at that time we have to realize that there always exist persons on this universe who love us more than we do love ourlseves. Give yourselves indispensable time and the things will work out because its fact that in the end things will work out. Problems needs nothing just a change in the attitude of mind.

Lastly, the most important thing in life is to live a simple life. A life which rely on moral values and principles. A man of principles is always a happy man.

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