Dussehra: Victory of good over bad..!

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Things always exist in pair, If there is Love in this world then there is Hatred.  If there is Happiness there is Sadness, If there are friends there are enemies and if there is Good there is bad. When I was in class II or III, I used to write essay on Dussehra. There were 10 points which my Mom pronounces one by one and then I had to repeat them. Since then I get to know a lot about this festival, there is a long history in Indian mythology associated with this festival. But for me it had different importance. It was the day when I along with my Brother wore new clothes and went to market fare with
my Father. We both bought bow and arrow. Then there was battle of Ram and Ravana at our home, with my Brother asRam half of the time and I as Ram for remaining half. We used to stand on two chairs and wish that our arrows do head on head collision as we saw on serials but that was not possible. Since then time changes but that feeling still stays.

Dussehra teach us so many things, nothing in this world is truly bad or truly good. Their exists mixture of everything. Ravana who was considered a villain was in fact a devout disciple of lord Shiva, a great scholar, a capable ruler and a maestro of Veena. He had his apologists and stauch devotees within the Hindu tradition, some of whom believe that his description as a ten headed person is a reference to possessing a thorough knowledge over the 4 Vedas and 6 Upanishads which made him as powerful as 10 scholars. But the follower of Rama says that his 10 heads were nothing but symptoms of 10 bad habits. Dussehra teach us women is a thing to respect. If you can’t respect a women than no matter how much knowledge or wisdom you have one or another day you’ll lose. Dussehra teach us that the path of goodness is never easy, you have to face challenges, you have to toil a lot but in the end you’ll win.

When I was kid I love to watch Ramayana and since then I was a devotee of Ram and Hanuman. My Grandpa told me that Hanuman is the only God who still stays in this Kalyug and I the son of Science used to have a nonsense debate with him over this. As I considered Hanuman to be the same character as I saw him in TV serials but then as I grow up I realized that there are Philanthrop and there are misanthrop, Philanthrop fight for good and justice and they are hanuman. If we insist on believing a thing than there are 100 reasons for it and if now even then there are 100 reasons.

Dusshera tells us about the victory of Good over bad and insist us to be good in our life. To think for the betterment of Society and the nation in which we live in. To respect humanity and women and to  know that evil has to lose one day. May this Dusshera bring out goodness in life of my every friend.

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