Five Things I wanted to do AFTER I die

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मौत देखी तो नहीं, पर होती बहुत हसीं है,
जिससे मिलती है वो जीना छोड़ देता है |

Many times in our life we beat death. Yesterday, I did the same. I was on my bike, my earplugs was keeping me aloof from outer world. That song of Kishore was reminding me of someone. The tiny droplets of rain on my specs were zooming everything that surrounds me. Everything was making sense, When I meet my death. It comes in the shape of a dog who instigate me to apply power brake and the crowd there watched a movie scene (Preferably the Tamil one). Yesterday, It was my day and stars were in my favor but I know one day death will come back and shall take its revenge. I don’t fear that day, I just wanted that by that time I’ve fulfilled every promise that I made with my near and dear ones. Generally, People plan things for Life since I consider myself a good planner. I have planned things beyond that. Who said we can do everything while living for few things we have to die and below are the things that I want to do after I die:

Met My Grandfather: An MBBS Doctor by Degree, A Family Business man by Destiny and A Philanthrop who spent his senility at Gods own place by choice. I last met him some
14 years back in Rishikesh. He was my First Guru. I stillremember how he used to wake me up at 5 AM for Ganga aarti of Rishikesh. He was also an author of one book on religion and he was the one who inspires me to write. Most of the wonderful things of my life I learnt from him. At that time I was too little to understand all that what he used to teach me. Didn’t get a chance to thank him. So, the first thing that I want to do after I die is to thank him for all the wonderful things he taught me and that made my life of some use.

To Fly Like Superman: Since childhood, I love Marco of the movie ‘Chamatkar’. How, he used to help SRK and how he fly from one place to another. Later on I become big fan of Superman. Every notebook of my childhood had that sticker on first page in which Superman is flying with his closed fist. The skits at my maternal place where I used to play the role of shaktimaan. After I die, I want to fly in real. Fly freely in air like superman, like Shaktimaan and wanted to see the world from those eyes which my eyes love to see.

To update God’s Software of Death: It really gives me pain when I read the news of people who die in some accident, some bomb blast, some natural and unnatural calamity and what’s more painful is the pain of people they left behind. What’s the fault of people who died in Mumbai bomb Blast? If its not his fault then its whose fault? The fault is in God’s Software. It needs an update and should work in the manner that the people who come early should die early. No exception and no relaxation. There should be a unique id allocated to a person when he gets born and when God wants someone to die the one who has the oldest id should die. When we talk of equality then it should also be of Life. Being a Software Engineer, It’s my duty to update the software that manages the record of Deaths.

Write My Last Blog Post: One thing that never leaves me alone. One thing who is there with me during my good and bad time. With whom I shared my griefs and sorrows is my blog. I don’t want to leave it in an unexpected way. Every essay has a conclusion. Every movie has an end. So, why not my blog has a last post. A post in which I can wrote what I learn in my life, What are things that I wanted to do but I didn’t able to do. How I’m feeling after death and to thank people whom I’m not able to thank while I was alive. That Post shall complete my blog. Things are painful when they are not ended properly and I don’t want my blog to be one.

Fight with ghost who is beating me since childhood: Though it looks a bit kiddish. But, it’s not. There is one face which looks like ghost who used to come in my dreams. I can’t remember since when but it used to come and make me scare. I want to fight with that ghost and make him realize that he is not only powerful and want to take revenge from him. I want to beat him in the same way he used to beat me in my dreams.

These are the five little things that I wanted to do after I die. People used to make their life memorable. I wanted to make death also memorable.

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  • Sharad
    July 19, 2012

    First of all i wanted to thank god,who saved you and ll pry to keep all my friends safe and healthy.
    This is really heart touching writing.. Really Death is infinitely uncertain. Nothing is more pain full than such news..I think this is one of the strongest reason why we accept existence of GOD.

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